Case Studies

How Mero creates touchpoints with dream target accounts
by repurposing their podcast

Victor Li
Lead Marketer at Mero

Working with ClipsforDays since 4 months.

Saving hours per week on Podcast repurposing.

The Client

Mero is a SAAS product which helps property managers and cleaning services to optimize commercial building cleanliness with sensors that provide real-time data.

Victor came in with his expertise as lead marketer to take care of Mero’s marketing programs, setting goals, dealing with vendors and contractors and focus on Mero’s biggest KPI’s: ABM (Account-Based Marketing) and demand generation.

Industry: SAAS for big enterprise accounts

Location: Toronto, Canada

Founded: 2017

Employees: 17

The Challenge

When Victor joined Mero, there were no marketing programs in place yet.

How could he quickly create touchpoints with big enterprise accounts and display the value Mero has to offer?
With a video podcast and social media clips.

I envisioned the podcast as our bread and butter source for demand creation and a mechanism with which we’re going to engage target accounts by inviting them to co-create content with us.”

From previous roles, Victor knew that a video podcast is one of the most versatile methods of warming up target accounts for ABM and demand creation.

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t just want to publish the podcast, I wanted to repurpose it into social clips. I saw this as a trend on Linkedin for the last few years.”

Victor was the only marketer on the team and there were a lot of things to do. He knew he had to outsource the tasks that he was not an expert in.

The Solution

Mero got in touch with ClipsforDays through a mutual contact, and it turned out to be the perfect solution.

In the past, Victor worked with a video editing service to repurpose their video content, but he had to go back and re-listen to every podcast episode and select the clips himself, which was a big time sink.

The key differentiator why they decided to go with ClipsforDays was that the service included picking the most interesting and impactful moments for them and then transforming them into engaging clips.

I knew from doing this by myself in the past that with the amount of work and time it takes it simply would not be possible for me to do at Mero.”

The Result

By recording their podcast and having it repurposed into many clips for social media, Mero was able to reach their ABM KPI of engaging target accounts.

Given that we are enterprise sale, our sales cycle is relatively long, so the most valuable results for us were additional touchpoints with strategic target accounts. Those touch points are important markers for momentum and success in our ABM strategy.”

Mero wanted to get from 0 to 1 and saw results almost immediately. Their strategy: start with the low-hanging fruit by inviting existing customers on the podcast and co-creating an episode with them. They then used that content (and its repurposed assets) to get another interview with a big account and won them as a partner. Other prospects saw the podcast and clips and reached out. This kickstarted Mero’s ABM strategy.

We were not so much interested in listens of the podcast or web visits but more in “dark social signals” which meant for us the number of people who would mention the podcast on our demo calls.”

Many of the people who booked a demo either gave feedback on the booking form or told them on the call that they had learned about them through their Podcast or social clips on Linkedin.

“Linkedin is our main social channel. Posting clips from the podcast regularly helped us grow our page from 800 to 2000 followers in the span of 3 months.”

The Experience

It was extremely easy to work with ClipsforDays. I send them the recording, I receive the social clips. It works great and it saves me hours per episode. As we want to scale and build momentum, especially as a small team, it’s crucial to streamline this process and cut down the hours on the things that we are not experts on.”

The Effort for Mero’s Team

“We’re doing all the fun parts, we manage the guest lineup, set up the interview questions, record the podcast. All the post-production is outsourced and then we just publish the finished clips.”

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